More anseriform foolishness than is absolutely necessary.

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For Christmas, Miss A.’s great grandparents gave her a pink plastic guitar and a (pink) robe with frogs on it, and her Aunt and Uncle got her a stocking cap that looks like a (cute) racoon’s head.

Christmas afternoon, I put on the cap and rocked out with the guitar. Now Anna needs to wear the hat every time she plays. Which she does often, and enthusiastically.

[Transcript: Dr. Clayton Forrester laughs maniacally off screen. Yes, we've got MST3K on.

Anna spins around a bunch and giggles.

Me: [inaudible] maybe a little?

Miss A: I’m playing my guitar!!!

Becca: Yes.. [inaudible] I’m sure she will. I’m sending her a picture right now.

Me: Can you do this? [holding out rawk fingers] Can you go ahhhhhhh!!!!

Anna [screaming]: ahhhhhh!!!!]

Last weekend, as a holiday gift, one of our friends invited us over to decorate cookies:

[westsidebecca proudly displays the gayest. cookie. ever.]

[An artiste at work]

[The cookies]

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So we like Peaches. It’s not strictly a lesbian (or queer) thing, but she’s got a following in “the community”. It’s pretty much just her and Melissa Ethridge. For some reason, the two of them don’t do many concerts together, though.

Peaches doesn’t have many PG songs, which is perhaps part of her appeal. And let’s just say that at this point in our lives, it’s pretty exciting to get a sitter so we can drive around and listen to songs with cuss words in them.

One of the few Peaches songs I do feel comfortable playing around my daughter is “The Boys want to Be Her.” It’s a personal favorite on any number of levels. It turns out it’s one of our daughter’s favorites, too. She likes to sing along.

Yesterday we were singing in the car when we first understood her version of the chorus:

The boys want a beaver!
The girls want a beaver!
The boys want a beaver!
The girls want a beaver!

Which is only slightly more fabulous than the original. Indeed, I like Miss A.’s version even better than her tubside rendition of Run DMC’s classic “Mary, Mary, Watcha’ Doin?”

Gender identity enigma

Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya
Semenya is a hermaphrodite

Fair playing field
Unfair advantage
Distinct advantages against women in sports

Forced to have gender testing
The concept makes precious little sense

Muscle mass
Male muscling
Bone structure
Intrinsic biology
Strength of men
Skeletal structure
Masculine physiognomy
Having both male and female sex chromosomes

It’s believed

One-time man

She’s 57
A transsexual Masters for aging duffers

Transgendered individuals

Reassignment surgery
Gender-reassignment surgery
Switching anatomy if not human atoms
Some among us recreate their very identity

Entitlement privileges
Conundrum of applying broad civil rights
Privileges that she feels she is now entitled to

Even Dr. Renee Richards
Male-to-female tennis player
Mixed transgendered doubles at Wimbledon

Not created equal
The measure of a man
Remains that of a man
The measure of a woman
Female but transgendered to male
The two can’t be conjoined into one

Born and raised a female
Though never officially confirmed
A female, too, both legally and in her own mind

Core reality has been blurred

These are but a few of the words in today’s Toronto Star.