More anseriform foolishness than is absolutely necessary.

This morning I needed to call a colleague in Buffalo. My first thought was “Is Buffalo on Central time?” This is after living “out East” for just over three years, and not even on the coast.


I tend to have terrifying or otherwise stressful dreams. When I remember a dream that doesn’t fit that mold, it tends to stand out.

There’s last night’s dream. Apparently there was a Chicago Women’s Writing Festival. Obviously this was on TV, and obviously everyone involved was fabulous, because duh, Midwesterners. Anyhow, the Chicago Women’s Writing Festival challenged the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to a soccer match, because apparently that’s the sort of thing that lady festivals do. Apparently ChiFest and MichFest are big rivals, too. I don’t have a reason for that.

So yeah, let’s make this happen.

PS The soccer game was also on ESPN. That strikes me as far-fetched.