More anseriform foolishness than is absolutely necessary.

[Trigger Warning: transphobia, violence, including sexual violence]

November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to acknowledge, publicize, and mourn the lives lost to transphobic violence in the past year.

I’m simply too tired to go into all the gory details. I’m afraid I didn’t get to the local ceremony. Perhaps the local university never found someone to step up and organize an event. My bad.

At its base, I think the day of remembrance is about safety. As far as I’m concerned, one of the most basic human rights is having the ability to move about one’s neighborhood without fearing the probability of violence.

At the moment, I don’t feel that I have that freedom. I’m certainly not alone in this– many of us who are able to get around cannot be certain we’ll be able to do so safely. Many of us fortunate enough to have homes do not feel safe therein.

Transphobia is a major contributor to the violence many of us face (to say nothing of homelessness).

The day of remembrance is a time to bring transphobia front-and-center in discussions of violence. It was conceived of, and still is, a radical act– the public commemoration of our dead in a world that trivializes our existence. Read more…